Trac was moved to our own server

After all these years, one of the most wanted things in our to-do list can be finally crossed out!

SourceForge’s Trac has served us for many years, approximately 5, but it had all kinds of issues; it was slow, unmaintainable, custom query was broken for at least 4 years now. We had reported all this to SourceForge, but they didn’t do anything; especially after their “new” platform launch, all our hopes were lost.

I’d like to thank CloudVPS for sponsoring us with a server, Armada for making the sponsors research and negotiations, and last, but definitely not least, JellyFrog for setting up the new Trac.

Please read this to learn how to reclaim your old Trac account on the new Trac.

We’ll see how things will go and if everything goes well we’ll move the website too in the near future.