v1.7.0 is released

After almost 4 months since our last stable build, we decided to release our next major version.

Security advisory: Due to known buffer overflows in the internal filters of v1.6.8 and below, it is strongly recommended that you update to the new version. More information on which filters are affected will follow soon.

Highlights of this release:

Due to the switch to LAV Filters, DXVA1 support for Windows XP has been dropped. Windows XP users can use LAV Filters’ Nvidia CUVID decoder if they still require hardware acceleration. If you can’t use any of the available hardware acceleration methods, you can use our old standalone MPCVideoDecoder from v1.6.8, at your own risk.

This release wouldn’t have been possible without nevcairiel’s LAV Filters, alexmarsev, Armada, Underground78 and our many other contributors.

You can download the new version here. For the complete changes see the changelog.