About MPC-HC

Media Player Classic - Home Cinema is an extremely light-weight media player for Windows.


Active (sorted by name):

alexmarsevalexmarsev ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netCode
Armadaarmada651 ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netCode
Goran (vBm) Džaferithevbm ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netNew website, Trac moderator, IRC
JellyFrogServer and Trac admin, Swedish
kasper93kasper93 ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netTrac moderator, Polish, Code
nevcairielnevcairiel ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netCode, LAVFilters maintainer
Underground78underground78 ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netCode, French, Project manager
XhmikosRxhmikosr ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netVarious stuff, Project manager


_xxldrevil_xxl ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netFFmpeg
Alexander Wildalexwild ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netCode, German
Arto Jarvinenar-jar ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netCode
Attila T. Afraattila.afra ~AT~ gmail ~dot~ comCode
Beliyaalbeliyaal ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netCode
bobdynlanbobdynlan ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netCode
Casimir666casimir666 ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netProject founder, Code, French
clsidclsid2 ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netCode
demi_alucardalysson87 ~AT~ gmail ~dot~ comCode, Portuguese (Brazil)
Di Luosansnom05 ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netCode
janwillem32janwillem32 ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netCode
jonasnojonasno ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netCode, Swedish
KindDragonkinddragon ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netCode
Martin Panayotovmvpsoft ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netOld website
MatMaulmatmaul ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netCode
namaikinamaiki ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netTrac moderator
spec-chumspec-chum ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netCode
tetsuo55tetsuo55 ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netProject manager, Admin
Tomas Sentomasen ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netCode
v0ltv0lt ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netCode, Russian
Vodyannikov Aleksandraleksoid ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netCode, Russian
xpc1000xpc1000 ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ netCode


Translations are now handled using Transifex, a web-based translation platform. An up-to-date list of translators involved for each language can be found on https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/mpc-hc/.

Translators (pre-Transifex era)

Armenianhrant77hrant77 ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
BasqueXabier Aramendiazpidatziak ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
BelarusianMister-shmister-sh ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
Catalanxiuletxiulet ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
Chinese SimplifiedBonamibonami ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
Chinese TraditionalKene Linkenelin ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
Czechkhagarothkhagaroth ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
DutchPaul Tjepkemapietpuk123 ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
English (British)Boris Kotovdoctor.z01db3rg ~AT~ gmail ~dot~ com
FrenchSebastiiisebastiii ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
GermanMarkus Gauggmarkusgaugg ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
GermanLuanluanmail ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
Greekgeogeo.grgeogeo64 ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
GreekZouloumiszouloumis ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
HebrewSuperbsuperbsubs ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
HungarianTamas Kleiberklei ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
ItalianSigiTMsigitm ~AT~ users.sourceforge.net
Japanese, Chinese Simplified/Traditionalroytamroytam1 ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
KoreanXNeoxneokr ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
Polisharch__stantonarch__stanton ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
PolishHaixhaix ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
Portuguese (Brazil)Roger Feliperfrfrfrf ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
RomanianDaniel Alămiță
Romanianlordkaglordkag ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
RussianYDYydy ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
SlovakMarian Hikanikmhikanik ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
Slovenianshvalasimon.hvala ~AT~ hotmail ~dot~ com
SpanishSquallMXsquallmx ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
TurkishBoslukbosluk ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
Ukrainianarestarharestarh1986 ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net
UkrainianIhor Bobaloibobalo ~AT~ users.sourceforge ~dot~ net (http://www.eleks.com)


Alexx999, foxx1337, heksesang, judelaw, m0viefreak, madshi, mtrz, nielsm, skaarj1, VSFilterMod Team, X-Dron


If you think you should be listed in this document and we don’t do it already, please, contact us.

Many thanks to everyone who supported development without having access to the source repository.

MPC-HC is based on the original MPC version © 2002-2006 by Gabest (e-mail unknown).

Third-party libraries

LAV FiltersGPLv2+https://github.com/Nevcairiel/LAVFilters
libdividezlib Licensehttp://libdivide.com/
Little CMSMIT Licensehttp://www.littlecms.com/
Logitech SDK--
MediaInfoLibSimplified BSD Licensehttp://mediaarea.net/MediaInfo
MhookMIT Licensehttps://github.com/martona/mhook
QuickTime SDK-http://developer.apple.com/quicktime/
RealMedia SDK--
ResizableLibArtistic Licensehttp://sourceforge.net/projects/resizablelib/
Silk IconsCC Attribution 2.5http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/
ZenLibzlib Licensehttp://sourceforge.net/projects/zenlib/
zlibzlib Licensehttp://zlib.net/