MPC-HC Crash Reporter

The Crash Reporter is a dialog box that warns you when MPC-HC closed unexpectedly. It lets you submit extra information to help developers fix the issue.

When MPC-HC crashes

After MPC-HC crashes, the Crash Reporter window will appear.

Crash reporter dialog

This dialog can be used to provide information that might be useful to the developers:

If you do not wish to provide extra information, you may leave any of those fields blank, but be aware that it may prevent us from fixing the issue you encountered.

After you quit this dialog, the Crash Reporter will try to identify the crash in case it has already been reported. If it has not, the following dialog will request your authorization before sending more information about the crash.

Send more info dialog

If you agree, just press Send information and wait while the crash report is transmitted to us. Remember that if you choose not to send us that information, it could be extremely difficult for us to get a clear view of what happened.

After the crash reporter terminates, a web page with more information about the status of the crash you just reported will be opened.

What about privacy?

Your privacy is very important to us and we will not transmit potentially private information before you explicitly give your consent. Moreover, any information you choose to send is kept private and is only accessible to MPC-HC development team.

If you choose to send more information to our developers, a dump file will be transmitted to them. This dump file is a snapshot of MPC-HC’s state when it crashed. It may contain private data handled by MPC-HC (for example: the path of the currently playing file, the name of the files in the playlist, etc.).